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The HYPER StarMade server is hosted by Travis, and can be found in the public server list when searching for a server to join (just look for HYPER in the description). You can also connect to it manually, at (IP:port)

StarMade is a sci-fi space-sim sandbox game. The game’s website can be found at Ship design advice can be found in their wiki, and on their forums, but here’s some quick tips.

* The game operates in two modes, spacewalking (when your astronaut is not in a ship) and ship flight (when piloting your ship).

* When spacewalking, and if a ship core is in your inventory, press ‘X’ to begin construction of a new ship. You will be prompted to name your new ship.

* Enter your ship by facing the core, and pressing ‘R’. (this is also the key to interact with usable objects)

* When piloting a ship, there are two modes here as well. Flight mode, and Build mode. You can toggle between them with the SPACEBAR.

* Everything needs power to run, including engines. Begin by making sure you have sufficient power generation and storage.

* Make sure to keep the core accessible! Don’t block it off entirely, or you’ll have no way to get in/out of your ship. Think of the core as the control console, you need it to pilot your ship.

* Keeping the above in mind, the core is the heart of your ship. If it gets too heavily damaged, your ship will explode. You need to protect the core, while making sure you can still get to it. (doors can help with this)

* Forming and joining factions is very important. If you’re part of a faction, you can claim ownership of a ship with a Faction Module. Faction-owned ships can only be boarded by members of the owning faction. In other words, if you do not claim a ship with a faction module, then your ship can be stolen from you. (ships do not disappear from space when you log off)

* There are two NPC factions, the Trading Guild and Pirates. The Trading Guild owns all the NPC shops, including the one in the spawn sector. Don’t make them angry if you want to be able to use the shops.

Some things specific to the HYPER server

There are some server settings you should know about, especially if you try playing on some other public servers.

* Collision damage is ON. If you hit something while flying really fast, odds are your ship may get obliterated. Please be careful when flying at high speeds.

* Importing saved blueprints is OFF. You can still save blueprints for ships you design on the HYPER server, but you cannot bring in blueprints for ships you’ve designed on other servers (or downloaded from the interwebs). This is to try to keep things fair for everyone.

* The initial spawn sector is protected from Pirate invasion. However, if you piss off the Trading Guild, they will kill you. I strongly recommend that you don’t start your StarMade experience by shooting at the shop with your shiny new ship (or your laser pistol).

Authentication, and

Authenticating your login on the HYPER server through is optional. While not required, it is recommended. The reason for this is that your character is tied to the login name you choose, and there is no password. This means anyone who happens to choose the same name as you will log in to YOUR character. Hopefully no one would do this maliciously, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, to avoid this you can create a login on, complete with password, and then when starting the StarMade game, click the button to “uplink to”. You don’t need to change the name you used to connect to the server before, you just have to provide your credentials for the uplink. Once you have logged onto the server at least once with this uplink active, then your character (and name) become tied to your account for this server. No one else can ever log into your character, without your credentials. This also means you will always have to activate that uplink whenever you want to log on to the server.

Death and Respawning

Dying sucks. But, it is inevitable. On the HYPER server, you won’t lose anything in your inventory when you die (no blocks are dropped). However, you will lose a small amount of credits (these are dropped, approx. 1% of what you were carrying). You will respawn at either the starting spawn point (the shop at the starting sector), or the last “Plex Undeathinator” you used. It is highly recommended that you place at least one of these devices in any base you build, especially a faction homebase. You are invulnerable for a few seconds after death, and to prevent abuse of spam-killing you will also not lose anything if you are killed again shortly after your last death (within a minute or so).

Tournaments and how You can earn HYPER

StarMade has a pure-PvP “Battle” mode which we will use for special events. When the main Survival server has enough regular players (and at least two active player factions), we will begin hosting monthly Battle Tournaments. More info on this will be published when the time comes, but suffice to say that only players already active on the Survival server will be allowed to participate, and the winning faction will be awarded a HYPER prize. If enough factions participate, then there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes.

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