HYPER Space Based MMO

HYPER will be sponsoring the development of a space-based online strategy MMO / virtual world which will include HYPER as the in-game currency. The vision is to explore the universe, develop planets, form trade agreements with other players and acquire resources and technology which will generate HYPER for players. Plans to add more emerging currencies such as Devcoin and Bitcoin also exist.

We will use open source content / frameworks to speed up the development process. If required investments will be made on key tools and infrastructure.

We are currently looking for developers to join the team. Developers will be paid in HYPER for their contributions. Instead of being combat focused the game will be strategy based enabling players to develop and grow their own intergalactic empire which earns them HYPER every single day. We are not looking for extremely fancy graphics but a meditative, immersive space based strategy game playing experience.

No matter their skill set and passions, everyone is welcome to contribute to the discussion and development of the HYPER game.

Please get involved now on the HYPER forum

You can also join the discussion on Freenode at #hypercrypto

We currently need:

- Team members to join the project and be paid in HYPER (coders, artists, and more coders :)
– Suggestions of which open source frameworks / tools to use
– Any feedback, ideas and discussion at all!

Current MMO Development Stage: Pre-Development Assembling Core Team

Current MMO Team:

HYPERfuture: Overall project manager, game world concept and design including game mechanics.

Leptoon: Sound design

Ranlo: Editing and writing in-game text, sprites and modelling

Gladimor: Concept art, possible sprites and modelling, additional sound design

HYPER will also fund existing online games / MMOs / virtual worlds to use HYPER as an in-game currency. Please apply on the HYPER forum


Current MMO Concept Art Produced By HYPER MMO Concept Artist Gladimor (more coming soon click to see larger):


Outpost 51