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HYPER Monthly Blitz


Announcing the HYPER Monthly Counter-Strike Blitz Launched Another Round on The 1st of July 2015!!

How Do You Win? – Simply be one of the top 3 players on the HYPER Counter-Strike or HYPER Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or Team Fortress 2 servers at
At the end of the month the top 3 players on each server will win a HYPER prize.

How Much Can You Win?

1st Place – 500 HYPER
2nd Place – 250 HYPER
3rd Place – 125 HYPER

How Do You Enter? – Register and start playing on our Counter-Strike, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Team Fortress 2 servers!

You must also post in this thread to enter. Please include your name on the server AND your HYPER address in your post! Click here to go to the post and enter!

This round ends on the last day of this month

Also of note Fistful of Frags (free to play) and Insurgency servers have been added to the stats pages, though I have not come up with any prizes for them yet.

Prize values have been halved.

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