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(Currently, the Mac OSX version of HYPER wallet is not available)

Wallet Download How to use wallet?


If you are upgrading from the oldest 1.5.0 hyper wallet version you will need to use the bootstrap as the blockchain has been compressed in the newer wallet versions. You will need to download the newer version of the blockchain. Always backup wallet.dat first.

Remember it is always good practice to backup your wallet.dat from hyper folder in %APPDATA% to your desktop before upgrading to a newer wallet version. Do this before upgrading to the new wallet to avoid any possible problems! search for “%APPDATA%” in windows search, then go to -> hyper folder -> then copy wallet.dat to your desktop to have a backup of wallet.dat

How to use bootstrap:

New users:
To create a Hyper directory, simply run then close Hyper software.

To import from bootstrap:

1. Make sure HYPER is not running.
2. IMPORTANT! If you have a previous install, Backup wallet.dat or directory to your desktop in a new folder so it is safe: (default) Windows c:/users/username/appdata/roaming/Hyper/
3. Copy bootstrap.dat to the default HYPER directory (or custom if you changed it) Windows c:/users/username/appdata/roaming/Hyper/
4. Run HYPER, you should see a message saying “Importing bootstrap blockchain Data” on splash screen or see a hyper logo in your bottom right taskbar. If not, you didn’t place file in proper directory. (
5. HYPER will now load from bootstrap file, this process will take 2 to 12+ HOURS , or longer, depending on hardware.
6. The splash may disappear, But, you’ll see the icon in your lower right task-bar, just let it run until its done.
7. When done loading bootstrap let HYPER catch up with the network, you’ll see checkmark bottom right of software when done.

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