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Counter-Strike Server


Counter-Strike is a first-person shooter video game developed by Valve Corporation. It was initially developed and released as a Half-Life modification by Minh “Gooseman” Le and Jess “Cliffe” Cliffe in 1999, before Le and Cliffe were hired and the game’s intellectual property acquired. Counter-Strike was first released by Valve on the Microsoft Windows platform in 2000. The game later spawned a franchise, and is the first installment in the Counter-Strike series. Several remakes and Ports of Counter-Strike have been released on the Xbox console, as well as OS X and Linux.

Set in various locations around the globe, players assume the roles of members of combating teams that include counter-terrorists and terrorists. During each round of gameplay, the two teams are tasked with defeating the other by the means of either achieving the map’s objectives, or else killing all of the enemy combatants. Each player may customize their arsenal of weapons and accessories at the beginning of every match, with the currency earned after each round.

Server address:

EU HYPER CS84.200.17.247:47045



Stats address:

Players can earn HYPER on the server simply by playing.

You still gain HYPER bonuses for completing objectives!

Read the message of the day shown when joining the server, or say “hyper_help” in game text chat and it will open the help window.

Basically to redeem coins you would set a withdrawal address using the hyper_address command:

hyper_address HKVTd1FZfWu2zvawpESsp7vzqjEDjeGmk1

Then to withdrawal you use the hyper_withdraw command:

hyper_withdraw 10

Assuming you have 10 or more HYPER, 10 HYPER will be sent to HKVTd1FZfWu2zvawpESsp7vzqjEDjeGmk1 during the next batch payout

It is easier to do these commands in console so you can copy and paste.

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